Solving the Formula – Highlights Mission #3 – The Walking Dead No Man’s Land Game

Maggie, Saving the Formula

The Highlights Missions relive the Prison Story from the Walking Dead.  This episode has Maggie and Daryl searching a Walker infested store for Formula for Little Ass Kicker.

Initially, the challenge features 1 Tank (Fatty) along with a number of Normal Walkers.  After opening the first 2 crates, there will be some new Walkers spawning at the exit.  Once you open the third, the exit will be blocked by one of the Exploding Tanks and a group of Normal Walkers.

Remember shooting the Exploding Tank with a Ranged Weapon causes a field of stunning spue, so stay out of range when shooting them!

Completing this mission on Warm Up #1 (the easy one) satisfies the use an all Hunter (or Ranged Weapon) Team quest.  Use it as an easy way to collect that 10 gold!

Follow along to see the walkthroughs below.  I got creative and use a number of different types of survivors!

Level 2/5

Current walkthrough using Abraham (Assault) and Daryl (Hunter).  Watch this one if you like to shoot up the place!

Past walkthrough using 2 Scouts (How did I do it with Scouts?):

Level 3/5

Current walkthrough using Jesus (Warrior) as the Hero and my best Scout.

Past walkthrough using a Hunter (Daryl – Hero) and a Scout.  It shows a trick to complete with this combination.

Level 4/5

Interesting this level, the initial Tank was missing!?  Don’t know why?  I used a Warrior (Jesus as Hero) and Scout again.  It wasn’t pretty this time, but I did succeed!

Level  5/5

Now for something completely different!  For this walkthrough I used 2 Scouts, a completely different path, and used the other exit.  See it here:

Past walkthrough using a Hunter (Daryl – Hero) and a Scout.

There you have it, Solving the Formula!  Did I miss anything?

Any questions or comments?  Then add it in the comments section below.

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