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Run Away, Weekly Challenge

My previous blog post for the Run Away Challenge follows below.  I will update this as the week goes on.

This week’s challenge mission is called Run Away.  As the name implies all 6 missions are Run to the Exit Missions (The Delivery Man has a scavenge component).  Some of these missions will look familiar since they have been part of previous challenges.

I am trying something new this week.  All my initial walkthroughs are being done with a Melee Team.  This isn’t the best choice for all missions and I will point out which could use different teams.

The team used consists of the following survivors.

Jesus – Hero – Warrior – As the Hero, his hero trait provides a boost to both Health and destruction for Melee Survivors.  He is the go to Hero for Melee Teams!

Andy – Bruiser – A 6-star Bruiser carrying Morgan’s Staff.

Anne – Scout – A 6-star Scout equipped with a weapon that has Both Gold Swift Strike and Threat Reduction.  It’s not my highest level Scout Weapon, but one of the most useful!

Let’s take a look at the individual missions in this challenge.


The Traverse, Run Away


The Traverse

In this mission, you will face three Freemen and a bunch of Normal Walkers.  There is a Threat Counter, so you will have more Walkers Spawning once it reaches zero!  The Freemen consist of 2 Ranged Weapon (Shooter and Hunter) and a Bruiser.

Due to the Ranged Weapon Freemen and the fact they are pretty aggressive, a Melee Team isn’t the best option for this challenge.  Remember that using a Ranged Weapon Survivor will increase the Threat Counter.


Current Walkthrough using a Melee Team.


Level 22.1 walkthrough.


Mainroad, Run Away



This mission is the same one found in the Ghost Town Challenge.  Normally a Melee team wouldn’t be my first choice for this mission either.

There is a gate, that takes 3 turns to open, between you and the exit that you need to run to.  On your side of the gate are 3 Normal and 1 Fatty (Tank) Walker in a diamond formation.  On the other side are 2 Tanks to deal with.  On both sides of the fence are a pile of bodies that will spawn new Walkers each turn.  Oh, and there is a Threat Counter too!

The current walkthrough shows how to do this challenge with a Melee Team, while the second walkthrough, from the Ghost Town Challenge, shows my more typical team of Hunter, Assault, and Scout.  Either approach can get you 3 stars!

Current Walkthrough using a Melee Team.


Walkthrough from the Ghost Town Challenge, using Hunter, Assault, & Scout.


Level 22.1 walkthrough.


River Cabin, Run Away


River Cabin

This mission is one that I actually enjoy!  The Melee Team is an excellent choice for this mission since it allows you to manage the Threat Counter.  In addition to the Threat Counter, you will face a group of Normal and 2 Tank Walkers before you get to the gate (which requires 3 turns to open).

Be patient by moving slowing and allowing the Walkers come to you.  Equip your Scout with a weapon that has Threat Reduction and Swift Strike.

Current Walkthrough using a Melee Team.


Level 22.1 walkthrough.


Lost Bunker, Run Away


Lost Bunker

Lost Bunker is another repeat mission last done in the Dim Forest Challenge.  This mission is another excellent mission for a Melee Team.  Watch how I do it in the walkthroughs to see that pattern you need to use to complete the mission with the minimum of damage.

Walkthrough of 27.1 using Ranged Weapons – 3 Stars!  I made this for someone in my guild who was going for a personal best and needed to get through this mission.


Current walkthrough using a Melee Team.


Walkthrough from the Dim Forest Challenge, using Jesus, Shooter, and Scout.


Level 22.1 Walkthrough.


Opposing Forces, Run Away


Opposing Forces

This mission seems familiar too, but I am not sure what other challenges it is part of.  There is a gate between you and the exit, but this one only takes 1 turn to open.

On your side of the gate, there are 3 Freemen.  From what I have seen, there are 2 Melee and 1 Ranged Weapon Freemen.  On the other side of the gate, there are a group of Normal, Armored, and Fatty (Tank) Walkers.  You can shoot the horde through the fence with Ranged Survivors.  The Melee Team isn’t the best choice for this mission.

Current Walkthrough using a Melee Team.


Level 22.1 walkthrough.


Delivery Man, Run Away


The Delivery Man

You don’t have to think back far to remember this one since it was part of last week’s challenge, Overrun Compound.  A Melee Team does work well for this mission.  Stand back and let the Walkers and Freemen play!  If you’re lucky, the Walkers will take out the Freemen.

Watch the Threat Counter and stay out of range from the Ranged Weapons Freemen.  In addition to the fight, there are 8 crates that need to be opened to find the 3 keys to unlock the exit.

Current Walkthrough using a Melee Team.


Walkthrough from the Overrun Compound Challenge, using a Melee Team.


Level 22.1 Walkthrough.

Those are this week’s missions.

Any questions or comments?  Then add it in the comments section below.

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