Project Reboot #7 – The Walking Dead No Man’s Land Game

Eugene, Project Reboot, Free Radio Call

Week #7 of Project Reboot was dominated by Update 2.7.  As shown here, the update doesn’t benefit lower level players, so besides some cool new graphics, there are no new game modes for Project Reboot!

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As a quick recap, the idea of this experiment is to see what you would do differently as a new player (knowing what you know now) and what can be accomplished by a new player.


1 Minute Gas, Weekend Event, Project Reboot

1 Minute Gas

This weekends event was 1 Minute Gas.  It’s not unlimited gas, but pretty close!  The odd thing where the number of gas cans in rewards crates at the end of missions.  Why so much free gas NG with the 1 Minute Gas weekend?

There was no maxing out XP this week even with the extra gas.  This was probably due to the higher cost for XP of upgrades of survivors and equipment.


The Camp

Here is what the camp looks like today.


Camp, Project Reboot

Today’s Camp at Player Level 31

No major changes to the camp this week, only minor upgrades.  I need to get to Player Level 32 to be able to upgrade the Council to Level 13.


Council, Project Reboot

Player Level 32 Required for Council Level 13



The Survivors

If you read last week’s Challenges, you would have seen how a Token Crate Reward put me 1 Token short of upgrading Rosita to Rare (3 Stars)!?  The good news is, Rosita’s Tokens came up in the Trade Goods Shop this week, so I was able to upgrade her!  Now she is Rare and has gained her Retaliate Trait!


Rosita, Hero, Upgrade, Project Reboot

Rosita with final enough Tokens to Upgrade!


After receiving two new Heros last week, there were none this week.  I did acquire enough gold to create another survivor slot.  That was mostly due to getting a reward for 20K Walkers killed!



Shooter, Project Reboot, Epic

Still no Hero Shooters!?  There are two changes for this week, both involving Shannon.  First, she was trained up to Level 12.  Second I found enough Shooter Tokens to make her Epic.  The good news is, her fourth trait is another good one, Revenge!

Julie still needs Marksman to be useful and I haven’t been willing to gamble on her last trait.  For now, she is a keeper.


Hunter, Daryl, Maggie, Dwight

Hunter, Project Reboot


The Hunter category is still a crowded group, but Hunters are useful, so it will probably stay that way.  The only changes this week are to the Hunters training level.  The non-hero survivors are both at level 11 while the heroes are all up to level12.



Bruiser, Negan, Morgan

No new Bruisers this week, just changes in their survivor level.  The best Bruiser (not perfect) has been trained to level 12 while Clyde has been brought up to level 11.  Bruisers aren’t my normal go to survivor class, so there isn’t a priority to get them trained to the highest level.



Warrior, Ezekiel


The only change here is Ezekiel is now trained to level 12.  Cindy doesn’t have strong traits but she isn’t terrible, so she is still around.



Scout, Glenn


Leon was added to the Scouts this week and he has 3 decent Scout traits.  He needs some training to become useful.  George is still the strongest Scout and the only one trained to Level 12.





Rosita and Abraham have both been trained to Level 12.  Peggy had her third trait revealed and it turned out to be Vigilant!?  This continues my bad luck when spending tokens on survivors!


The Results

Below are the results of this week’s challenges and mission results.

Story Missions

Story Missions, Project Reboot


I am still stuck on Mission #3 in Chapter 11 of the Story Missions.  The mission recommends Level 13 survivors and really needs a good Shooter to complete.  I have tried with the Level 12 Survivors but have so far failed!


Highlights Mission #4 – First Impressions

First Impressions, Highlights, Project Reboot


This week Highlights Mission #4, First Impressions, was unlocked for new rewards.  I show how to complete this mission here.  10K jr was able to complete this mission.


The Weekly Challenge

Army Base, Project Reboot


With the 1 Minute Gas this weekend, I was able to break last week’s record of 440 Challenge Stars by 78 Stars!  This earned 3 Round Passes for next week’s challenge.


The Challenges

As I have played with this new account, I have found many challenges that face new players.  You would think that NG would want to hook new players by making the start of the game easier, but I haven’t found that to be the case.  What I have found is overall the game play favors top level players and punishes lower level players.  This section will highlight some of these issues.


The Update Isn’t For New Players!

Update, No Man's Land

Update 2.7 – Not for New Players!


I talked about this in a post that you can find here, but I want to address this again in some more detail.

All of this week’s results were done without the help of badges!  Why?  You can’t build the two buildings (Scavenger and Craftsman) until you are at Council Level 15!?

What was the purpose of this NG?  Why punish new players?  I see no logical reason for this requirement.  Being at Council Level 12 currently, Badges are long ways off for Project Reboot!


Must be Council Level 15 to Build the Badge Buildings


Want to play the new game mode called The Distance?  Sorry, you need to have Council Level 18 to play!

OK, I can almost understand this requirement since this new game mode is going to require a lot of survivors and higher level equipment.  Those do take a while to acquire.  Still, I think NG is shooting themselves in the foot by alienating new players since they are the one who will be advanced players one day if they stick around!?


The Distance, Project Rebbot

Must be Council Level 18 to Play The Distance!


Any questions or comments?  Want to see me do something during this experiment?  Then add it to the comments section below.

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