Project Reboot #6 – The Walking Dead No Man’s Land Game

Camp, Project Reboot

This is the start of Week #6 for the Project Reboot Experiment.  Are you up to date?  Find the past posts here Post #1,  Post #2, Post #3,  Post#4, or Post #5.

As a quick recap, the idea of this experiment is to see what you would do differently as a new player (knowing what you know now) and what can be accomplished by a new player.


Healing, Weekend Event

This weekend’s event was Healing Times Reduced.  Did you read the vague news window in the game (above)?  NG doesn’t say what they are reduced by, just reduced!?  Honestly, this wasn’t a big help for Project Reboot this weekend, or even for my higher level accounts.

Even though this event had nothing to do with XP, I did max out my XP again this weekend.  My current XP capacity is still 200K.

The Camp

Here is the current camp.

Camp, Project Reboot

As you can see, the camp is now up to Player Level 29, so the Council upgrade to Level 12 is now unlocked.  The upgrade costs 570K Supplies and takes 21 hours to complete.  It will allow a new Farm Plot to be built.

As shown above, the Training Grounds are in the process of being upgraded.  This will permit me to train survivors to Level 12.  The Workshop still needs to be upgraded to be able to upgrade Level 12 Weapons.  As you can see below, the Workshop Upgrade Requires 520K Supplies and 18 hours of time.

Council, Level 12, Upgrade

Council Upgrade to Level 12 – 570K Supplies & 21 Hours

The Mission Car was upgraded this week so it now has a Storage Capacity of 17 cans.  The next upgrade won’t be for a while since Council Level 13 (currently Level 11) is needed!

Mission Car, Upgrade

Mission Car Upgrade Requires Council Level 13

The Hospital has the same issue, Council Level 13 needed for an upgrade.

Hospital, Upgrade

Hospital Upgrade Requires Level 13 Council

Workshop, Upgrade

Workshop Upgrade Requires 520K Supplies

The Survivors

At one point this week, I had 30 Radio Phones, so I did two 15 calls.  The result of call #1 can be seen below.

Dwight, Hero Tokens

I unlocked Dwight!  He unlocks as a 2 Star Survivor for new players.  Feeling good, I did call #2 and you can see the results below.

Morgan, Hero Tokens

I unlocked Morgan!  Yes, he is a useless Bruiser (even when upgraded), but it felt good to unlock two Heros with two Radio Calls.  That has never happened before and will probably never happen again!  He unlocks as a 2 Star Survivor for new players.



Julie was trained up to Level 11 this week.  She still lacks Marksman, so will probably not be a long term keeper, but she makes the cut for now.

Shannon has a good weapon and is a strong Shooter so far.  I plan on continuing to upgrade her as I get Shooter Tokens.


Hunter, Daryl, Maggie, Dwight

Hunter, Maggie, Dwight

The big change for the Hunters is the addition of Dwight.  Since he has only 2 stars and is lacking Marksman, he isn’t very useful in his current form!

Renee is still my outcast and is still at Level 10.  Her plus is Marksman, but her negative is Vigilant.  Wanita isn’t much better since she lacks Marksman.  The Hunters need some work still!


Bruiser, Negan, Morgan

The Bruisers welcome Morgan as a new Hero this week.  I like Morgan in the show, but he is useless in the game!  His Hero trait requires damage to your survivors to work and he doesn’t have Retaliate (even when Legendary) which is a must have for Melee Survivors.

Clyde hasn’t been trained up to Level 11 because he is my weakest Bruiser.  Defensive Stance is a stronger trait than Vigalent, so that gives Esther the edge.  Both work only on Overwatch attacks.  Clyde isn’t a castaway yet unless a better Bruiser comes along.


Warrior, Ezekiel

Ezekiel finally has a Warrior friend!  My luck with finding a decent Warrior is still bad since Cindy has Vigalent as one of her four traits.  She isn’t a long term keeper, but her other three traits make her a decent Warrior.  If a better Warrior comes along, she will probably be retired.


Scout, Glenn

The only changes for the Scouts are everyone is now trained to Level 11.  Hopefully, Ann will get Retaliate for one of her last two traits, since her first three are good Scout Traits.  She is my last remaining original survivor, so I would hate to retire her!


Assault, Abraham, Rosita, Governor

The only change and surprise are the Governor being trained to Level 11.  The surprise is he appears to be the strongest Assault currently, but that is probably due to the fact he is a 3-star survivor.

The Results

Below are the results of this week’s challenges and mission results.

Story Missions

Story Missions, Project Reboot

The first 2 missions of Chapter 11 are now finished.  The current story missions recommend Level 13 Survivors and require 6 Cans of Fuel!  I am not sure why NG has left the cost of fuel so high for the Story Missions when they reduced the fuel costs for other missions.

The Outpost still glows green since it hasn’t been set up.  Since I don’t find this game play very fun, I won’t set up the Outpost unless the game forces me too.  I do raid for Trade Goods with my 10K account, but can care less about the Influence Points.

Highlights Mission #3 – Solving the Formula

Solving the Formula, Highlights

This week Highlights Mission #3, Solving the Formula, was unlocked for new rewards.  If you saw my videos, I had a lot of fun with this challenge which I have a love hate relationship with!  This account doesn’t have as many options as 10K (the account where I make my videos) but I was able to complete this week’s Highlights Challenge.

The Weekly Challenge

Run Away, New Best Score, Weekly Challenge

My previous best for this account was 404 Challenge stars which were obtained two different weeks with different level survivors.  This week there is a new record, but with the same numbers, of 440 Challenge Stars!  I was aiming for the Token Crate at 440 as my goal, and the picture below shows the reward.

Token Crate, Warrior, 440 Challenge Stars

19 Warrior Tokens for 440 Challenge Stars

The new record was nice, but the 19 Warrior Tokens are a disappointment for the effort!

The Challenges

As I have played with this new account, I have found many challenges that face new players.  You would think that NG would want to hook new players by making the start of the game easier, but I haven’t found that to be the case.  What I have found is overall the game play favors top level players and punishes lower level players.  This section will highlight some of these issues.

Costs of Low-Level Equipment

Trade Goods Store, Legendary Gear

Here is a screenshot of the Trade Goods Store on Trade Goods Tuesday.  Every Tuesday you get the opportunity to get some Legendary Equipment for 11K Trade Goods.  As you can see, the low-level gear, which you will quickly out grow, costs the same 11K Trade Goods as upper-level gear.  I don’t think this is fair since you will out grow this equipment and get very little XP when scrapping it!  The cost of the equipment should be scaled to its level.  My advice, don’t spend the Trade Goods when you have lower level survivors.

Token Reward Crates

Here’s a challenge for all player levels, Token Crate Rewards.  This is one I received during this week’s challenge.

Rosita, Hero, Token, Reward

Looks OK, 22 Rosita Tokens for 320 Stars.  Not a bad reward, but look at the end result of this reward.


That reward put me 1 Token short of being able to promote Rosita!?  Really NG, you couldn’t have given me 23 so I could upgrade her?  It feels like their server calculates how many tokens you need for an upgrade and then gives you few less than needed.  Rarely, do I get enough tokens in a reward crate to actually upgrade a survivor.

Cost of Upgrades versus Storage Capacity

Supply Capacity, Camp

Supply Capacity was upgraded to 701.5K this week, but this is inadequate versus the required camp building upgrade costs.  Consider the next 2 upgrades needed to move forward, Workshop Level 9 requires 520K supplies, while Council Level 12 requires 570K supplies!  This is a common problem that faces players of all levels who still need to upgrade their camp.

Any questions or comments?  Want to see me do something during this experiment?  Then add it to the comments section below.

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