Project Reboot #5 – The Walking Dead No Man’s Land Game

Glenn, Bundle

This is the start of Week #5 for the Project Reboot Experiment.  Are you up to date?  Find the past posts here Post #1,  Post #2, Post #3, or Post#4.

As a quick recap, the idea of this experiment is to see what you would do differently as a new player (knowing what you know now) and what can be accomplished by a new player.

5 Minute Gas, Double Supplies

This weekend’s event was 5 Minute Gas and Double Supplies.  The Double Supplies did help, but with the increased cost of camp upgrades, my overall progress was less than previous weeks.  This was the first week that I didn’t max out my XP storage.

The Camp

Camp, Project Reboot

If you look back to week #1, you will see that there are many changes to the camp, however not so many from last week.  The big contributing factors are the increased cost, in supplies, for upgrades, plus having to head back to school (yes, the professor’s summer is over!).   I do have an upgrade of the Training Grounds and Workshop left, but I have to reach player level 29 before I can upgrade the Council again.  Upgrading the Council is the only way to upgrade the amount of XP you can store (currently 200K).

I do have an upgrade of the Training Grounds and Workshop left, but I have to reach player level 29 before I can upgrade the Council again.  Upgrading the Council is the only way to upgrade the amount of XP you can store (currently 200K).

The Training Grounds and Workshop upgrades are both shown below.  Both require 520K Supplies and 18 hours to upgrade.  I am still finding Supplies harder to acquire than XP, even with the Double Supplies weekend event.  The game seems to lean towards higher level players by making XP easier to get than Supplies (I never thought I would say that!).

Training Grounds, Upgrade

The Training Grounds Upgrade

Workshop, Upgrade

The Workshop Upgrade

As you can see below, my current maximum Supplies Storage Capacity is 561.5K.  This is upgradeable, independently from your Council Level, and my current upgrade cost is 240K.

Supplies Storage, Camo

Maximum Storage Capacity – 561.5K Supplies

Council, Upgrade

Player Level 29 Required for Council Upgrade

Here are my current Scavenge Missions (this was during the Double Supplies Weekend), normally 3K Supplies for 4 Gas Cans.  You can do the math and see that a 520K upgrade requires over 170 Scavenge Missions!

Scavenge Mission

The Survivors

This was the first week that I wasn’t able to upgrade all my players to the next level.  This was due to my reduced playing time (I had to go back to school) and the increased cost of upgrades (you can see that below).  The Total amount of XP for my Council Level is 200K and I wasn’t able to max it out this week (again another first).

Scout, Upgrade, XP

70.8K XP to Upgrade Survivor from Level 10 to 11


Shooter, Project Reboot

Clara got the ax this week!  She had Marksman, but Defensive Stance isn’t a good Shooter Trait.

I picked up Shannon this week, at the Rare Level, who has Marksman and Ruthless, both good traits.  If she gets some combination of Luck, Dodge, or Iron Skin then she will be the go to Shooter!

Julie really needs Marksman for that last trait to be a good Shooter.  I am not sure if I am willing to gamble the tokens on her or not?!


Hunter, Project Reboot

This lineup is unchanged, except for weapons, from last week.  Neither Hunter is a favorite of mine.

Wanita has Revenge (which works inconsistently for me) as a plus, but doesn’t have Marksman which is a must have for effective Ranged Weapon survivors.

Renee has Marksman but also Vigalent which isn’t effective for Hunters.  Vigilant only works for Overwatch attacks.


Bruiser, Project Reboot

The only change for the Bruisers is Negan trained up to Level 11.

The priority that I have been using for training has been Heros first since I am stuck with them for the duration of the game (they can’t be retired).  Then I look to train the normal survivors with the most ideal traits.  Last is everyone else.


Warrior. Ezekiel

Nothing has changed here (except for being trained to Level 11) since I unlocked Ezekiel, he is still my only Warrior.  I have struggled on all of my accounts to get a Warrior with five good traits.


Scout, Glenn

George has four excellent Scout traits, so he was the first Scout to be upgraded to Level 11.  Glenn was 2 hours and 49 minutes away from Level 11 in this screenshot.  Ann can still be a good Scout if she gets Retailiate for one of her two missing traits.  She is my only remaining original survivor.


Abraham, Assault, Rosita

Abraham Ford, Assault, Hero

Did you miss the big change for the Assult class?  Abraham Ford has joined the crew as a 2-star survivor!  He is always your Hero for Ranged Weapon teams since his Hero trait gives a boost to both Health and Destruction for Ranged Weapon Survivors.  Abraham unlocked at Level 11, like Rosita and Peggy.  The Governor was unlocked before I unlocked the Assault class, so he is still Level 10.

The Results

Story Missions

Story Missions, Project Reboot

As you can see, the Story Missions are now completed through Chapter 10.  Chapter 11 awaits jr.  The Outpost is still not set up and I don’t plan on setting it up until I am forced to.  I do raid for Trade Goods on my 10K account, but don’t find this game mode very fun.

Highlights Mission #2 – Going, Going, Gone

Going Going Gone, Highlights

This week Highlights Mission #2, Going, Going, Gone was unlocked for new rewards.  I was able to complete all 5 levels of this challenge with the survivors shown above.  I used the same Scout method that I show here.

The Weekly Challenge

Overrun Compound, Project Reboot

Overrun Compound is a difficult weekly challenge, so that along with my reduce playing time lead to a lower score this week.  My personal best for this account is 404 Challenge Stars set with Level 7 Survivors and tied last week.  The Inside and Out Mission held me back this week.

I still feel that new players are hurt in the weekly challenge facing higher walker levels, relative to their survivor levels, for the number of stars they receive.  Take a look at the following to see what I mean.

Overrun Compound, 10K jr

At this point in the challenge, 10K jr was facing Walkers at the same level as his highest level survivor for 203 Challenge Stars.

1000K, Overrun Compound

1000K had 217 Challenge Stars and was at Level 20.2.  All of 1000K’s survivors are trained to Level 21, so he was still facing Walkers below his Survivor level.

10K, Overrun Compound

For 297 Challenge Stars, 10K is at Level 21.3.  10K still has some Level 21 Survivors, but most are at Level 22, so this account is still facing Walkers below their Survivor Level with almost 300 stars!

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