Overrun Compound Challenge – The Walking Dead No Man’s Land Game

Overrun Compound

Overrun Compound (or Repeat Week) is this week’s challenge.  It contains three Scavenge missions (one with Freemen), one Kill Them All mission, one Seal up the Holes in the Fence mission (good for Farming XP), and one Run to the Exit mission.  Some of these are tough this week!

Let’s take a look at the individual missions along with some tips!


Inside and Out


Inside and Out, Overrun Compound


This is an ugly scavenging mission!  It starts with a bunch of Normal and a couple Fatty (Tank) Walkers.  This would be bad enough if the playing field wasn’t full of blind spots!  Each turn 2 Walkers will spawn in the upper left or right side of the screen.  Oh, there is a Threat Counter too, so you will have extra Walkers to deal with each time it reaches zero!

For this mission, I used a Melee Team, mainly to manage the Threat Counter.  The team includes:

Jesus (Hero) – Warrior – Jesus is always my go-to Hero for Melee Teams since he gives a boost to both Health and Destruction for Melee Survivors.

Andy – Bruiser – Andy is my Pink Star tough guy Bruiser using Morgan’s Staff.  He is there to take some abuse and protect the other survivors.

Anne – Scout – Anne is my Pink Star Scout and she has a weapon with Swift Strike.  She is included in the team to run to the cabinets.


Take a look at my walkthrough below.


In the Compound


In the Compound, Overrun Compound


In the Compound is the Kill Them All Mission this week, but is recycled from other challenges.  You can see a current walkthrough and the old walkthrough from a previous challenge below.

This mission has many blind spots, a large number of Normal, and a few Fatty (Tank) Walkers to deal with.  Be patient, or you will run into a Walker you can’t see!

When you reach the point where you have 3 rounds per level, you will find an Armored Walker added.  I suggest a Ranged Weaponed Team for this challenge.

I used the following survivors:

Governor – (Hero) – Assault – The Governor isn’t my strongest Assault survivor, but I used him at lower levels to get the reward crate bonus.  As I move up in levels, I will substitute Abraham and then Sasha.

Daryl – Hunter – Use your best hunter.  At really high levels when Sasha becomes the Hero, this slot would become an Assault Survivor.

Judy – Shooter – My best Shooter for increased damage, since this is a Shooter Event.


See the team in action here:


Here is an older walkthrough from a different challenge (recycled mission!):




Data Center, Overrun Compound


The Datacenter is one of this week’s scavenging missions.  It seems familiar, but I can’t find what other challenges it is part of.  Like the previous missions, it contains many blind spots, a large number of Normal Walkers, and some Fatty (Tank) Walkers.


For this mission, I used the same Melee Team as used in Inside and Out.  See them in action in the walkthrough below.


The Delivery Man


The Delivery Man, Overrun Compound


This scavenging mission has 8 crates to open (to find the 3 keys) some normal Walkers, and 2 Freemen.  There is a Threat Counter too that you will have to deal with.

The Freemen are a Warrior and either a Hunter or Shooter (I have seen both this challenge).  Try to let the Walkers help with the Freemen.  The biggest challenge for this mission is to avoid being shot by the ranged weapon Freeman.  He will shoot at any survivor that walks into range.


For this mission, I used the Melee Team again.  See them in the walkthrough below.


Car Crash


Car Crash, Overrun Compund


If you want to farm XP this is the mission for you.  For this mission, you need to deal with the Walkers (Normal, and Fatty, (Armored at higher levels)), push cars in front of 2 holes in the fence, and watch out for Walkers spawning through the holes.

For this mission, I suggest an Assault, Hunter, and Scout.  The Scout can run to push the cars, while the Hunter and Assault take out the Walkers.  Leave 1 hole open and kill the spawning Walkers to Farm your XP.  Use Maggie as the Hero when you do.


See my non-Farming walkthrough below.


Push On


Push On, Overrun Compound


Push On is the one Run to the Exit Mission in this week’s challenge.  There is a car you need to push out of the way before heading to the exit, but a Tank and a bunch of Normal Walkers are in the way.  After moving the car, you will have to take care of 2 Tanks and a bunch or Normal Walkers.  This mission does have a Threat Counter, so I used the Melee Team again.

See how below.

Those are this week’s missions.

Any questions or comments?  Then add it in the comments section below.

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