Jackpot Weekend? – The Walking Dead No Man’s Land Game

Jackpot, Player's Choice

I just wanted to thank everyone who voted for the Jackpot Weekend rather than 1 Minute Gas!  Below are my 2 “Jackpots” from this weekend.  Remember I play the game with 3 different accounts 10K (my primary account), 1000K (my oldest account, one step below 10K), and 10K jr (my Project Reboot account).

So 3 accounts, playing all weekend, and I received 2 “Jackpots”!?  You will find a brief look at the Token Rewards below too.

You will find a brief look at the Token Rewards below too.

Jackpot #1

Jackpot, Crates, Radio Phones

Here’s what I kept from this “Jackpot”.

Jackpot, Scrapped, Phones

Jackpot #1 gave me 8 Rare pieces of Gear!?  Sorry, Rare Equipment shouldn’t be in Gold Crates!!!  Well, at least I ended up with 4 Radio Phones and some XP (from scrapping the gear) from this “Jackpot”!

Jackpot #2

Jackpot, Scout, Shooter

Here’s what I kept from this “Jackpot”.

Jackpot, Scrapped

Jackpot #2 had 6 pieces of Rare Gear, 20 Gold, a Legendary Pistol, and an Epic Vest.  I scrapped all the Rare Equipment and should scrap the rest of the gear too.

A Pistol without the increased range is useless in my opinion, plus the Silencer is useless!  I will wait until a Double XP Scrap day to scrap it.

An Epic vest isn’t worth upgrading especially without the Wrestle Trait!  This will get scrapped too.

How About Those Token Rewards?

The Best

Assault, Token

This was the best non-Hero Token Crate over my 3 accounts.  Look’s like 10K jr was the lucky one with 31 Assault Tokens.  The 31 tokens are 1 short of the record before last week’s “improved” token rewards.

Carol, Hero Tokens

Here is the best Hero Token reward, 22 Carol Tokens, for 10k jr again.  When compared to the previous record, this is 2 tokens short.

The Worst

Bruiser, Token, Crate

1000K received the worst non-Hero token reward of 10 Bruiser Tokens.  Notice that this was for 560 Challenge Stars!  Nice reward!?

Michonne, Hero Token, Crate

Well, it certainly looks like it isn’t 1000K’s week!  The worst Hero Token reward, 8 Michonne Tokens!  Why do they give the least amount of tokens for the most expensive Hero?

Eugene, Hero, Tokens, Crate

The second worst Hero Token Reward (although some might say the worst based on the “Hero”!?) was received by 10K jr (I guess his luck didn’t hold) was 10 Eugene Tokens for 320 Stars.  I showed you this to contrast the low number of tokens for an expensive Hero, Michonne, and a lower number for a cheap Hero, Eugene!

Overall, the Token Rewards Crates seemed to be back to random amounts of tokens.  The number of tokens went up and down and weren’t related to the amount of Challenge Stars.  Thanks for only one week of “improved” Token Crate Rewards!

Any questions or comments?  Then add it in the comments section below.

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  1. Dan

    Hey Greg,

    I’m a stats guy & I started keeping track of rewards after seeing your blogs.
    I’m lvl 63 & get 800-1050.
    Token rewards this week…
    30 – 13 Hunter
    120 – 14 Assault
    210 – 19 Hunter
    320 – 18 Maggie
    440 – 22 Rosita
    560 – 10 Tara
    740 – 20 Dwight

    I see we both got crappy 560 “rewards” & 2 weeks ago the 560 was 11 Glenn. Both easily the worst of each week. I got ONE gold jackpot the 2nd mission after it started with 20 gold & 31 000xp but scrapped 7 rubbish rare weapons. Then about 8-10 silver jackpots (only opened 6 each time, not paying 25 gold for silver crates) with nothing worth mentioning except a few phones & a bit of xp).

    Thanks for your effort with these interesting blogs.

  2. Post
    Greg Szepanski

    Wow, Dan!
    Thanks for sharing! I don’t know if you read my previous posts about the challenge rewards, but when I looked at them, it appeared that the Challenge Crates & the Deluxe Challenge Crates, maintained a similar “value” regardless of your challenge star level. Yes, I get my share of crappy Rare Gear too!

    The Token Crates seem to be all over the place though!? I remember busting my butt the first time to get the 740 star one & the reward was disappointing!?

    1000K made it past 560 stars too, but that account received 26 Hunter tokens so that one wasn’t bad. I was hoping last week with the “improved” token crates, that NG was addressing this issue!?

    Thanks again for your data!

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