The Heavies Challenge – The Walking Dead No Man’s Land Game

The Heavies, Weekly Challenge

The Heavies, or should I say repeat week!?  After all new maps last week, you will find all repeat maps this week!  Each of these missions has been a part of a past weekly challenge.

This week challenge consists of 3 Kill Them all Missions, 1 Kill the Tough Walkers Mission (almost kill them all), 1 Run to the Exit Mission, and 1 Scavenge Mission.  All missions contain either Fatties (Tanks), Armored, or Burning Walkers!

Let’s take a look at the missions!


Armored Compound, The Heavies, Weekly Challenge


Armored Compound

Here is the first Kill Them All Mission.  It features 1 Tank and a large group of Armored Walkers.  There is no threat counter, so bring your Ranged Weapons team to blast away!

My team consisted of 2 Hunters (it is a Hunter event) and a Shooter.  Dwight is the Hero since his Hero Trait helps with non-standard Walkers.  The Shooter provides the extra fire power needed for these tough to kill Walkers.

Here’s the walkthrough.


Here’s an older walkthrough from the Overrun Compound weekly challenge.

Road Runner, The Heavies, Weekly Challenge


Road Runner

Road Runner is the Run to the Exit Mission in The Heavies.  This map has been used many times for different challenges.  Sometimes there are Freemen, but for this challenge, there aren’t any humans.  There is a large group of Armored Walkers, 2 Tanks, a bunch of Normal Walkers, and a Threat Counter.  The bottom section of the exit only holds 2 Survivors, so you need to send at least 1 Survivor to the top exit.

This will be most people’s limiting mission, meaning they will get stuck here and not be able to move on.

For the walkthrough, I used a Melee team to manage the Threat Counter.  This works but is difficult to get through the Armored Walkers without any injury.  So after the first couple of levels, I switched to a Ranged Weapon Team (Abraham, Daryl, and Shooter) to get through.  Just watch the Threat Counter so you aren’t surprised by the spawning Walkers.

See why this one stinks below!


Getting Burnt, The Heavies, Weekly Challenge

Getting Burnt

This is the only Scavenge Mission in this week’s challenge.  There are no Tanks or Armored Walkers this time, but there are Burning Walkers and a Threat Counter.

Normally, you need a Scout for a Scavenge Mission, but you won’t want one here due to the Burning Walkers.  I used Ranged Weapons Team (Abraham, Daryl, and Shooter) for this mission.  Watch out for all the blind spots!

The walkthrough for Getting Burnt follows.


Wow, here is a real oldie from the Dim Forrest weekly challenge!


SWAT, The Heavies, Weekly Challenge



SWAT is a non-standard Kill Them All Mission.  The mission starts with a group of Armored and Normal Walkers.  You have to kill them all and then open up the back of the SWAT truck.  Once opened, another group of Armored Walkers will pour out.  These must be killed before the exit is opened.  Oh, there is a Threat Counter too!

I used my standard Ranged Weapon Team (Abraham, Daryl, and Shooter).  Used the initial Walkers to build everyone’s charge ability up.  Then use the Shooter to open the truck, Abraham to Stun them, and Daryl to help clean up.

Watch the truck being cleared.

I forgot how to do this with a Melee Team!  Watch my walkthrough from the Ghost Town Challenge so you won’t!


Here’s a walkthrough of Level 24.1 using the 2 Scouts and a Bruiser.


BBQ, The Heavies, Weekly Challenge



Who doesn’t like a cookout?  Maybe not one like this though!?

BBQ is a Kill Them All Mission made up of only Fatties (Tanks)!  Normally, they behave and only come at you one at a time.  If so, use your Shooter as the primary attack while leaving your Hunters in Overwatch.  This time I used Dwight as the Hero since his Hero trait helps with non-standard Walkers (Tanks, and Armored).

If they don’t behave and all charge you at the same time (this happens every once and a while) then good luck!?

See the cookout below!


Double Trouble, The Heavies, Weekly Challenge


Double Trouble

For Double Trouble, you must kill 2 tough Tank Walkers.  One will be to the left (get him first) and the other to the right.  The Fatties have a bunch of Normal Walker friends, so watch out for them too!  This mission has a Threat Counter too, so work fast before new Walkers spawn.

My Ranged Weapon Team used Dwight as the Hero again to take advantage of his Hero Trait.  Daryl and my best Shooter round out the team.

Watch the 2 Fatties die next!

Those are this week’s missions.

Any questions or comments?  Then add it to the comments section below.

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