First Impressions of the Update – The Walking Dead No Man’s Land Game

Update, No Man's Land

Today was the much-hyped Update 2.7 for the Walking Dead No Man’s Land Game.  How is the new game?  Read on for my first impressions.

New Players – Project Reboot

To see how the update affects new players, you need to look no further than my Project Reboot.  First, my conclusion, this update isn’t for new players!

Why?  None of the new game play is available for low-level players!  Seems like a mistake if you want to grow the game.

Want to build one of the new badges?

Project Reboot, Buildings

Sorry, you need to be Level 15 for your Council to build the Scavenger and Craftsman buildings need to make badges!

What about playing the new game mode, The Distance?

The Distance, Project Rebbot

Sorry, you can’t unlock that until Council Level 18!?

So the much-hyped update leaves out all the lower level players!

Take a look at this video to see what the Project Reboot camp looks like after the update.

Higher Level Players

The good news is, all the new game modes are available to higher level players!  The bad news, I am underwhelmed so far!!!

Take a look at this video to see what I mean.

Of course, The Distance isn’t available until next week.  Supposedly it is to give you time to build badges.

The Distance, 10K

You can see that the new challenge, Army Base, will be available this week.

The small changes made to the graphics, seen during game play, are kind of cool!

Making Badges

If you opened your update gift you found some badge making material (unless you are lower level, then you received Supplies).  If you watch the following video, you will see me making the 2 badges in my 10K account.

The bad news of this process is, you may not get a badge at the level of your original badge components.  In the video, I used all Rare Components and I did get a Rare Badge.  The same happened with the Epic components giving an Epic badge.

Badges, 10K

My 1000K account wasn’t so lucky.  The Epic components (4 Star) resulted in a Rare Badge (3 Star).  The Rare components created a Common (2 Star) Badge!?

1000K, Badges

Apparently, I misunderstood, since I expected a new scavenging mission for badge components.  It turns out that badge components will be available in Rewards Crates after missions.  How easy are they to find?  So far, I would say not so easy!?  I have found the following 2 pieces while playing this afternoon over my 2 accounts (1 in each).

1000K, Badges

10K, Badges

What do you think of the update?  Any questions or comments?  Then add it to the comments section below.

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