First Impressions of Round Pass – The Walking Dead No Man’s Land Game

Round Pass, Weekly Challenge

Last week was the first week to earn a Round Pass and this was the first week to use them.  What do you think of them?

Personally, I am indifferent not disliking them, but not in love with them either.  While playing with my 3 accounts this week, I did discover that you do get screwed if you don’t earn at least 5 Round Passes!  Let me explain how below.


Earning a Round Pass

To earn a Round Pass you have to complete 5 rounds of missions in the weekly challenge.  When you reach the upper levels, each of the 3 rounds are counted separately, so each level is 3 rounds.


Using Your Round Passes

The next week each Round Pass that you earned is applied at the beginning of the challenge.  Each round that is past doesn’t count towards earning a new Round Pass.  For each Round Pass you earned, you get a round of Double Stars, Rewards Crates, and Round Passes.


10K jr

Here are last week’s results for this account.

Army Base, Project Reboot


518 Challenge Stars was a record for this account!  This result was mainly due to the 1 Minute Gas Event last weekend.  The end result was 3 Round Passes earned for completing 18 Rounds (plus 2 missions).  To get there I had to face Level 15 Walkers (3 above my Survivor Level).

Now let’s see how those 3 Round Passes effected the results this week.


The Heavies, Round Pass


With the 3 Round Passes, I was only able to get 436 Challenge Stars.  This got me to Level 15 as opposed to Level 15.2 last week.  Notice that this only earned me 2 new Round Passes even though I made it to Round 16.

Why?  You don’t earn Round Passes for Rounds passed.  As a lower level player the end effect is putting you against higher level Walkers sooner as well as higher gas costs per mission.




Army Base, 1000K


Unfortunately, I didn’t get a screenshot for 1000k’s results from Army Base, but you can see that this account ended up with 762 Challenge Stars which gave it 4 Round Passes.  How did this impact the next challenge?


The Heavies, 1000K, Round Passes


For The Heavies, 1000K managed 736 Challenge Stars through 20 Rounds and earned 3 Round Passes.  This account is a much higher level than 10K jr, so the star totals weren’t affected as much, but the Round Passes are one less than the rounds finished.  Again this is due to not earning Round Passes for the Rounds that are passed.



You can see above that 10K earned 979 Challenge Stars from the Army Base challenge resulting in 5 Round Passes.  How did this affect the outcome of the results for The Heavies?


The Heavies, 10K, Round Passes


Look at what happened here!  10K made it to Round 21 and got 4 Round Passes!

How did that happen?

If you get 5 passes, your double reward for Round Passes is still in place for Round #5, meaning at the completion of Round #10 (you passed through the first five) you get 2 Round Passes!  Unfortunately, I ran out of time and gas and wasn’t able to move on to get that fifth round pass this week!?



From my experience with my 3 accounts over the first week of Round Passes it appears that they are great if you get at least 5 and are an upper level player.  You should be able to take those 5 passes and earn another 5 the next week.

If you get less than 5, then Round Passes aren’t your friend!  Since you don’t earn progress towards new passes with the skipped rounds, you have to go farther (complete as many extra levels as passes earned) to get to the same place the following week.  Not much of a bonus!?  So the end result will be a decress of Challenge Stars and Round Passes earned each week!

If you are a lower level player, then they aren’t your friend no matter how many you earn!  The skipped rounds will push you, much faster than higher level players, to levels with Walker higher than your Survivors!  Plus the gas prices for each mission will increase while you have a smaller gast tank than higher level players.

Sorry NG, but these passes are another kick in the teeth for lower level players!

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