Extraction – Highlights Challenge Mission #5

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Extraction has been reset for you to earn new rewards.  Below you will find my original blog post along with my walkthrough videos.


This week’s Highlights Challenge Mission relives the time when the Governor took Maggie and Glenn prisoner.  For the first two practice levels, Rick and Daryl are the two Heros coming to Maggie’s rescue (Glenn is mentioned, but not part of this mission).

Your first challenge is defeating a Hunter and Scout Freemen.  After you take care of them, you have to free Maggie from her cell, and then you run for the exit, which is blocked by a gate, that takes three turns to open.

As soon as one of your survivors goes to work on the gate, two Walkers Spawn close to you, another farther away, and two new Freemen Spawn at the far side of the room.  This time it is a Scout and Warrior.

Use your two free survivors to take out the closest Walkers and allow the Freemen to deal with the others.  I kept both near the exit gate, using one to take out the closest Walkers and leaving the other in Overwatch in case the other Walkers or Fremen got too close.

This is an ugly mission, just like raiding!  I searched for an elegant solution to this challenge, but couldn’t find a team where at least one member didn’t end up bruised or worse.  My most successful team combination was Abraham, Daryl, and Rosita.

Whoever gets picked last, ends up in the cell (kind of like high school gym class!).  The jailed survivor seems to be on overwatch, but you have no control over them until you free them from the cell.

Level 2/5

Here is a new walkthrough (9/11/17).  I tried to make one for Level 1, but the recording App crashed, so I just ended up talking to myself!  The Bruiser ends up bruised (seems appropriate!) in this walkthrough.


Level 3/5

Here is a walkthrough of level 3/5.  Daryl ends up bruised at the end!


Level 4/5

Below is a walkthrough of level 4/5, using the same team listed above.  I thought I came up with a trick, which you can see at the start of the level.  Unfortunately, everyone ends up bruised!  Not pretty, but still a success!!!


Level 5/5

Last level walkthrough!  Slightly different team this time, Dwight, Rosita, & a Legendary Assult (locked in the cage).  End result: Dwight Bruised, Rosita Injured, and Legendary Assult (Dustin) Perfect.  Again not pretty, but a win anyway!!!


140 out of 250 Governor Tokens!

Over half way to unlocking the Governor!  Hopefully, he will be worth it in the end.


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