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First Impressions of the Update – The Walking Dead No Man’s Land Game

Update, No Man's Land

Today was the much-hyped Update 2.7 for the Walking Dead No Man’s Land Game.  How is the new game?  Read on for my first impressions. New Players – Project Reboot To see how the update affects new players, you need to look no further than my Project Reboot.  First, my conclusion, this update isn’t for new …

The Weekly Challenge – Yes, It Still Punishes New Players! – The Walking Dead No Man’s Land

Camp, Project Reboot, Walking Dead

Last week, I wrote about the issues that new players face in the weekly challenge.  You can read that post here.  To sum it up, new players face higher level Walkers, relative to their Survivor level, while receiving a lower amount of Challenge Stars. For this week, I trained the majority of my survivors up …