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Army Base, Challenge

Below is my previous Army Base Challenge post.  It contains tips and walkthrough videos and will be updated later this week.


This is the first new weekly challenge after the update!  It turns out that these new missions are actually new missions and not recycled old missions.

This challenge consists of one Kill Them All, two Scavenge, and three Run to the Exit Missions.  One of the Run to the Exit Missions has an interesting twist, which I will mention below.

Let’s take a look at the individual missions.


Weapons Free


Weapons Free, Army Base, Kill Them All


Weapons Free is the one Kill Them All Mission in this challenge.  In this mission you will face Normal, Exploding (Grenade), and Armored Walkers.  The mission starts with two Normal and one Armored Walker on the screen.  Each turn a new combination of Walkers will Spawn.  There is no Threat Counter.  Use your Ranged Weapon Survivors to blast away, just watch out for the blast radius of the Grenade Walkers.

For both walkthroughs, I used an Assault (it is an Assault event), a Hunter, and a Shooter.  At the lower levels, I used Maggie as the Hero to get extra XP.  For the higher level missions, I switched to Abraham as the Hero to gain his boost for health and destruction for ranged survivors.  At even higher levels I switched to Sasha as the Hero.

There is an odd glitch in this challenge where some Walkers may be left over after the mission ends.  I have seen as many as 25 and as little as 21 Walkers killed during this mission.


Watch the Walkers die in this walkthrough.



Level 25.1 walkthrough.



Point of Entry


Point of Entry, Army Base, XP


Point of Entry is a Run to the Exit Mission after going through a door.  The door takes 2 turns to open.  You will face Normal, Armored, and Grenade Walkers in this challenge.  For each turn, two Walkers will spawn from a pile of bodies near the exit.  There is a threat counter and more Normal Walkers will spawn at the bottom of the screen.

At lower levels, this is a great mission for Farming XP.  For both walkthroughs, I used an Assault, Hunter, and a Scout, however, I have switched the Scout for a Shooter.  The Scout and Shooter are used to open the door.  All the Grenade Walkers will spawn at the beginning of the mission near the entrance.


Take a look at the walkthrough.



Level 25.1 walkthrough.





MASH, Army Base


MASH is one of the Scavenge Missions in this challenge.  There are 3 crates that you have to open and then you have the choice of 2 exits after you open them.  The biggest challenge in this mission is the number blind spots due to the stacked crates.  You will face Normal, Grenade, and Armored Walkers in this challenge.  There is a Threat Counter and the right exit will fill with Walkers once they spawn.

The team I used consisted of an Assault, Hunter, and a Scout survivor.  The Scout runs for the crates, while the other two take out the Walkers.


The walkthrough can be found below.



Level 25.1 walkthrough.



All Around the Watchtower


All Around the Watchtower, Army Base


All Around the Watchtower is one of the Scavenge Missions in this Challenge.  This mission has 6 crates that you have to search to find the 3 keys.  You will face two Grenade, Armored (some will spawn), and Normal Walkers.  There is a Threat Counter along with Walkers who spawn each turn from different locations around the map.

My team consisted of an Assault, Hunter, and Scout survivor.  The Scout runs for the crates while the other survivors take out the walkers.  You need the Scout due to the distances between the crates.


Watch the walkthrough below.



Level 25.1 walkthrough.



Out in Open


Out in the Open, Army Base, XP


Out in the Open is one of the Run to the Exit Missions, through a gate (which takes 5 turns to open), in this challenge.  This mission will be the limiting mission for this challenge.  Actually, not being able to get one more star in this mission has kept me from 1K again!?

For this mission, I used a team consisting of an Assault, Hunter, and Scout Survivor.  Use the Scout to open the gate and the Ranged Survivors to keep the Walkers at bay.


See the walkthrough below.



Level 25.1 walkthrough.



Blow It Up


Blow it Up, Army Base


Blow It Up is a Run for the Exit mission with an interesting twist!  Instead of struggling to open the door, you blow it up instead!  You will only face Normal Walkers in this mission until you blow up the door, then two Armored Walkers will be added to the party.

You need two turns to set the charges at the door and then push the plunger to blow the door.  The random spawning Walkers will stop after the first group of walkers spawn, so wait to blow the door until afterward.

My team consisted of an Assault, Hunter, and Scout Survivor.  I did substitute a Shooter for the Scout on higher level missions since the running isn’t far.


Here’s a walkthrough.



Level 25.1 walkthrough.



Those are this week’s missions.

Any questions or comments?  Then add it to the comments section below.

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