Month: August 2017

Solving the Formula – Highlights Mission #3 – The Walking Dead No Man’s Land Game

Maggie, Saving the Formula

The Highlights Missions relive the Prison Story from the Walking Dead.  This episode has Maggie and Daryl searching a Walker infested store for Formula for Little Ass Kicker. Initially, the challenge features 1 Tank (Fatty) along with a number of Normal Walkers.  After opening the first 2 crates, there will be some new Walkers spawning …

Going, Going, Gone – Highlights Mission #2 – The Walking Dead No Man’s Land Game

Going, Gone, Scouts

Welcome to Rick’s hallucination! All the Highlights Missions relive the Prison Story from The Walking Dead.  This mission tells the story of Rick going nuts after Lori died.  The Warm Up Levels having you playing as Rick, Carl, and Carol. Your three survivors start separated in three different rooms and your mission is to run for the exit. …

The Weekly Challenge – Yes, It Still Punishes New Players! – The Walking Dead No Man’s Land

Camp, Project Reboot, Walking Dead

Last week, I wrote about the issues that new players face in the weekly challenge.  You can read that post here.  To sum it up, new players face higher level Walkers, relative to their Survivor level, while receiving a lower amount of Challenge Stars. For this week, I trained the majority of my survivors up …