150 Radio Phones Burned – The Walking Dead No Man’s Land

Radio Phones, Hero Tokens

After skipping a week, I accumulated 153 Radio Phones to do some Radio Calls.  Last week was skipped since I did some 25 Radio Calls for Hero Tokens since the NG news said they were taking the 25 Call away, but it appears they lied!?

As in previous weeks, I stuck with the 15 Radio Call.  It gives a chance of a minimum of Rare Survivor and the pick from 3 survivors.  I believe it is the best bang for your Radio Phones!

What surprised me was the number of Hero Tokens this week!  No large amount of tokens, but Hero Tokens on almost every spin.

Summary of Calls

1 – Chose the 256 Hunter Tokens (Legendary Hunter).  This was the only Legendary Survivor from the 10 calls.

2 – 32 Sasha Tokens.  Not the most number of tokens, but I really want to upgrade Sasha!

3 – 32 Jesus Tokens since he is the go to Hero for a Melee Team.

4 – 128 Scout Tokens.  Epic Scout but only had 3 out of 4 good traits.

5 – 32 Shooter Tokens.  One of the all Rare Survivor calls.

6 – I selected the Epic Assault but decided to retire her after the video since she didn’t have Marksman.

7 – 32 Sasha Tokens.  Yes, more Sasha Tokens!

8 – 32 Dwight Tokens.

9 – 32 Bruiser Tokens.  Another all Rare Survivor call.

10 – 32 Bruiser Tokens.  A repeat of call 9!

The Video

Want to know all the details and hear my rationale for my choices?  Then watch the video to see all the Radio Call Action.

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